My World post CrossRoads Guitar Fest!!

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I’m just getting back to you the monday after the CrossRoads fest, sorry I got up late sunday morn, Because I rocked and rolled all saturday nite!! I fest was GGGGrrreat!! (thanks tony the tiger) I got to see players that I had never seen play live before!! I was hot that day prob. 95 in the shade and there wasn’t much shade!! Anyway, I missed the first act (my girl took to long to get ready, women:) I did see Joe Bonamassa Who was killer!! I really enjoyed the set with Buddy Guy, Ron Wood, and Jonny Lang!! I got to see Eric Clapton perform for the 1st time in my life and I gained a new respect for him, But, the set that moved me deeply was Jeff Beck!! He had this bad female bass player, that was amazing!! Jeff Beck was Jeff Beck larger than life!! Playing this incredible lyrical vocal like blues rock!! again I was so deeply moved by his music!! He held the whole crowd of 30 thousand in his hands!! I will never forget it!! plan to study more Jeff Beck and more Blues!!


Eric Clapton’s Crossroads guitar festival!!

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Sorry I’ve been away soooo long!! I just got so wrapped up in life. I’m training to be a graphic designer, so a lot of my time has been taken up with that I will be going to school for it in the fall. Remember when I told you about a big concert that I was going to back in April(I know it was a long time ago) well this is it and TODAY is the day!! Yep, I’m going to the Crossroad’s festival, to see some of the world’s best blues and blues/rock guitarists cut loose!! I have been waiting for this since February when I won the tickets!! I am on 10 now I will be on 11 when I get there!! Appearing at this festival: John Mayer (cool cat), Buddy Guy, the Great B.B. king, Jeff Beck, (My fave) Joe Bonamassa!!, ZZTop, and Eric Clapton to name a few. I’m taking my girl, she doesn’t like blues, but she likes live music she’ll get it!!  Well, I just hope that this rain and thunder stays away long enough so that we can enjoy it!! I will tell you all about it tomorrow!!   see ya then and remember…..

                                                   The Blues is alright!!

I’m Back

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I’m back, It’s good to be back (IronMan2) No, It’s good to be back though. I still have somethings to handle with my mom, but I am gonna write for now!! I can say that this ordeal has given me a lot of songwriting ideas!! That is the upside!!

Happy B-Day 2me!!

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Sorry that I’ve been away, still celebrating I guess?? I had a great B-day!! I went to a club to check out some rock bands, out of the three that played that night I only liked two: a one man band with funny parody songs and a female fronted two guitar outfit with rocking tunes!! I also went back to that club on thursday for the Blues jam nite and saw two cool blues bands that had the house rock’n and bootys shaking!! It was a great time!!

  On a sad note I heard that Bret Micheals (of  poison) is in the hospital with a brain hemorrhage!! lets hope he gets better!!

So far So good…

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Someone once said, (I think that it was Dave Mustaine) So far So good…So What!! Sorry that I have not posted in a while, I am letting myself get wrapped up in guitar and music theory!! I want to do it right and that will take a little time, so hang in there with me 🙂 anyway the weather here is starting to change and the outdoor concert season will begin!! I plan to see a big one this year, I’ll let you know about it later. birthday is coming up soon and plan on going out to a rock club or a blues jam nite, I am looking forward to that!! anyhow

keep in touch and keep Rock’n!!

It’s Here!! It’s Here!!

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Sorry everyone I’ve been away for a while, working and perfecting my guitar chops (still have aways to go),but I will get there  soon so stay tuned!! anyway I just wanted to notify you all that the new (& maybe the last) Scorpions disk , A Sting In The Tail, is out today!!  Radio here has played a few of the tracks such as, “Raised on Rock” which is cool and “Slave Me” a naughty little tune for the ladies (or men!!) anyway I plan to get my copy this weekend how ’bout you??


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I am thinking about getting into a rock cover band just have some fun and jam with some fellow rockers!! Now I know that the internet has some sites that have postings up on them, but the people usually live too far away or they are just too weird to me. I get the feeling that there is something out there more suited to my taste!!  hey If you know to something let me know!! even if you know of some new  sites  that would be cool too!!