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 I was reading a post on the web the other day, were someone was debating weather playing by ear helped a student learn guitar versus reading tab.  They came down on the playing by ear side. I feel why choose!! Play by ear and double-check your work by tab!! Hey it works for me!! But, If  could only choose between the two I would say……………….Play by ear!!

                               How bout you??


When is enough Enuff??

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I was practicing my Strat the other day. I had finally got a handle on a little Spanish classical piece that I had worked on for weeks. When I looked around my practise room at all the other books and videos that I had yet to open and use. I began to wonder how much theory is enough I mean, when am I going to have to time to learn and implement all this stuff? Am I a theory Junkie? Are there an AA groups for folks like me?  Am I a horder?? Am I living in a fire hazard?? I just wanna ROCK, but I wanna have depth Yet, I don’t wanna get too deep. know what I mean??

Is there anyone else out there going through this??

Memo: The Boss has a new book coming out, read or Ya’ fired!!

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Bruce Springsteen has a new book coming out soon. Will you read it?

What I’m I doing??

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I just got back from getting my hair cut. I am feeling  down hearing about the Fort Hood shooting and the Orlando office shooting. I am listening to a song from Creed’s ‘ The Song You Sing’ from their new disk FULL CIRCLE. It’s  helping me feel better.

Hello WordPress world

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Hello WordPress, I’m Terrence I am a Rock guitarist and songwriter and the owner of a gorgeous White Fender Strat!! with this blog I want to explore rock music that encourages. Come along for the journey.