I was reading a post on the web the other day, were someone was debating weather playing by ear helped a student learn guitar versus reading tab.  They came down on the playing by ear side. I feel why choose!! Play by ear and double-check your work by tab!! Hey it works for me!! But, If  could only choose between the two I would say……………….Play by ear!!

                               How bout you??


One Response to “Tab-vs-Ear”

  1. I would agree. Except, make sure your tabs are authentic! There are many tabs out there that have mistakes in them. Actually, I’ve found tabs even in the guitar magazines that have an occasional typo as well.
    So, you never know. You’ll learn much more the more you do this stuff completely by ear. If you like, check out this article on the whole playing by ear thing. You may know most of what I talk about, but you never know…

    Dave Lockwood

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