Yngwie Is This It??

Hi how is every one I hope ya’ll are ok and enjoying the holiday season. I was over at Ultimate guitar.com the other day and I saw something that might be a stocking stuffer for you guitar playing love one!! It is the new  disk by Yngwie Malmsteen: High impact. It some of his hits and a surprise…… A copy of MJ’s “Beat It” there was a link on the site  andbeing a fan of mike I thought that It was cool for the swedish Guitar god to give it a go. I listed to it and…….. I’ll let you decide how you like >http://www.myspace.com/yngwiemalmsteen


5 Responses to “Yngwie Is This It??”

  1. I listened to it. I usually have a love&hate relationship with covers. I am not sure I like this one. I prefer Mike’s original version.

    p.s. thank you for the comments : )

    • I’m with you on that!! Mike’s version is much better!! I just thought with Yngwie being the great musician and all….. that he would (at least) a decent job on it. But.

  2. Which reminds me to write a post about best and worst covers. Guess who’ll top the list of worst covers? Britney with I love rocknroll. I should sue her for insulting rock really : D

    p.s: you should check out this post:

    it even has a sequel:

    the second one features the videos too.

  3. Trust me, I don’t have the link. Thankfully it was years ago and sort of disappeared between the videos.

    Yep, I am tuned. Post away…

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