My Christmas Guitar!!

Hello, I hope every one is having a great holiday season, I am. I was just reminiscing about the first guitar I ever received. I got It on christmas day 1983. It was a one pickup lespaul copy, a Fingerhut special. It came with this crappy little amp. I blew out the speaker the third time I used it. The guitar needed a fret job in the worst way and the glued in neck started to come apart from the body. Man I hated that thing!!


5 Responses to “My Christmas Guitar!!”

  1. Must be 1997, for me. Cheapish but not so bad classic guitar- still hanging on my wall. I had these friends who had formed a thrash band. They used to be so clueless. But they worked their asses off and taught themselves everything. They got to the point where they could play anything. So I took their bass-player with me for guitar shopping. Flash forward more than a decade (shoot, time does fly too fast!!), it is still the only guitar I have. It is depressing that I am tone deaf (you didn’t believe me but I am) so… I still have the dreams of being able to get an electric and teach myself to play Paradise City (I just love the solos!!! ) and others. But even the chance of me selling scripts to Hollywood seems higher. Oh well, maybe if I do sell, I can afford a teacher who can bare with me : D

    p.s. Yes, I should have worked a lot on the guitar but I didn’t. Writing came easily and…frankly, it was more fun because I could do it.

    • Thanx for coming back to my site!! Ok, what ever happened to those guys (the thrash band) don’t that they are famous!! I do like their D. I. Y. spirit thought I live by it!! Yea one day you’ll make a lot of money writing the scrip to my story:) and you be able to afford a popular guitar teacher!!

  2. That’s the dream ; )
    It is sad that that thrash band is no longer together. They picked boring majors like engineering (yep I said it- as long as it is not sound engineering it is boring) and apart from the occasional chance encounter, I don’t see them.

    I love the DIY spirit, hence the freelancing/blogging with absolutely no relative/friend in the same business. But then again, I have always been pretty international so it is cool ; )

    p.s: fingers crossed on the deal. it means both of us are famous and I play guitar. I should also get a voice coach. I mean the guy is great at lyrics and on stage, but if axl is singing with that voice, how hard can it be ; ) : D

    • Their parents probably told them to grow up and be responable or they would cut their college money and they would have to leave and get jobs!! Hey, my family does not understand my love for writing either, My mom is expecting me do to something else!! Hey, lets get famous and rich!! what do you say!! If you feel that you need a coach get one of those too!!

  3. I am all for getting rich and famous. At least I want to make enough money from writing. And it is a good thing that I am not a grunge fan. That could lead to depression. :d
    Glam provides enough party and motivational mood. Ever listened to Poison’s Cry Tough? Half of Bon Jovi songs are about making it too ; )

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