My Christmas Guitar2: ..And a black Strat for All

Ok I am back to finish the tale of my christmas guitar, when I left off I was telling you all how I hated that “thing” well, I grew to dig that thing after a while, It did have a nice brown panel-like finish and it kind of growled when I hit the strings hard, so it wasnt all that bad until, Metallica came along. I was minding my own business watching MTV one day when the Metallica “One” video came on…..And nothing was the same again!! I saw their lead guitarist Kirk Hammett, playing so gracefully and furiously on a strat, that I was converted right there!! I threw my guitar into a case and vowed to get myself a super-strat (he played a black one) Not long after that (on Christmas I bought myself a black Epiphone super-strat) My old guitar was banished to the basement and my super-strat was my new love!!I evently gave away my original guitar to a mover when I moved and I pawned my Epiphone when I got frustrated with the music business. I have since revived my love for music and the guitar and bought my white Strat,but I still miss my two Christmas guitars.


One Response to “My Christmas Guitar2: ..And a black Strat for All”

  1. That’s quite a history for that guitar! For years, I played alll my jazz on a Gibson ES175. About 3 years ago, I bought a 7 string Benedetto archtop, which I love – it’s beautiful. So, my 175 was banished to the closet. I pulled it out about a year later, and that guitar was a mess! I couldn’t even tune it… It seemed like it got jealous of the Benny :). Pretty weird.
    Hey, I wrote another post – this time on ear training. A little shorter than the last one. It’ll be the first in a series. Eventually, I’ll also do something like the lick of the week, which will be fun to do.

    Happy New Year!
    Dave Lockwood

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