Goals for the new year!!

Happy New Year!! I hope you are having a great 2010!! I have some goals for this year. I know that you do too. let me share mine:

                        1. study blues& blues rock guitar.

                        2. to jam with blues musicians.

                        3. to join a blues/blues rock cover band.

                        4. to get better at blogging (yea,I said it!!)

                        5. to get back into rock’n shape!! (I mean it!!)

 Well, there you have it, my goals for  2010!! I know that I can achieve them!! Tell me yours and we can encourge each other!!


7 Responses to “Goals for the new year!!”

  1. zoeyclark Says:

    – Well, I have always wanted to play the guitar. It doesn’t help that I am tone deaf. But I love good guitar riffs and adore rock so I’m guessing I will manage it eventually.

    – Top of the goal list: Make money blogging!

    Yeah, I love writing and blogging and it would be so much more fun starting to make money out of it. Right now it is going well and serving as a portfolio for non-fiction gigs. But it would be so much cool to spend less time querying and write more of what I want.

    p.s: I’ll spend less time querying means less querying for other blogs. I’ll have more time to query agents and my favorite magazines.

    • Thanx Zoey for commenting on my post!! I think that it is important to have goals for the New Year just to get your bearings of where you want to go in life. I’ll bet good money that your’e not tone deaf!! Yea!! Im trying to make it happen in the blogging world also, but we have to keep at it to make it!! The time will come when your be able to just query for agents and your fave mags!! you gotta “Keep it mov’n!!”

  2. zoeyclark Says:

    Oh, yeah trust me I’m moving! : ) It is so much fun to blog. You know I used to keep a blog for just my music posts and I used this very same design? You can take a look if you want: http://alwaysrocknroll.wordpress.com/
    This design screams rocknroll, doesn’t it?

    But I needed my own domain name since wordpress doesn’t allow ads. My blog is still wordpress but on a webhost now. I wrote on other topics too and along with my other blogs, I carried my music stuff here:
    Anyway, would love it if you check it out.

    p.s: There isn’t enough musical passion out there so you can bet I’m now a regular at your blog.

    • I like that color sceme on your old blog, I think that I have seen it so where before. I think Jimmy Page had a guitar colored that way!! I wanna say that I am honored to have such an esteemed writer as my 1st regular!! I will become a regular at your’s but I don’t see any where to leave a comment buy the way I like the look of it!! it’s cool!!

  3. zoeyclark Says:

    Page had a guitar colored like that? I love my blog design even more now : )

    To leave a comment, you click on the title. It takes you to that post and you scroll down. After the post ends, you will see a “leave a reply” space. I love comments : )

    There is also a category section on the right, way below- right above my blog roll. There you can see categories and pick posts accordingly.

  4. zoeyclark Says:

    You were joking? Well, I took it literally since rockers are known to have like 50 guitars. So don’t dismiss the possibility!!! 🙂

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