Rock’n for Haiti!!

Hello everyone, how are you? I am Cool. If you have been wondering how my studies of blues and rock are going, well their moving right along. What I am posting about today is the Haiti tragedy. By now everyone is familiar with the crisis and has seen the heartbreaking coverage of the aftermath of the earthquake. I am delighted to see the out pouring of help from all over the world to this island nation. I know that the music community will step up and contribute. I was just wondering what the Rock and Metal community was going to do? I came up with an idea. how about a relief CD with 10 songs that would inspire and encourage the fans to do their share to help. so I put on my executive producer’s hat on came up with 10 tracks that move me and maybe you to!!

1. “Rise Today” by Alterbridge

      I like this track because it is a ‘call to arms’!!

2. “Overcome” by Creed

     I chose this one because It moves you into action!!

3. “Sins of Omission” by Testament

     I think the U.S. ignored Haiti in the past!!

4. “I disappear” by Metallica

       In the past the U.S. has disappeared on issues regarding Haiti!!

5. “Watch the Children Prey” by MetalChurch

      The children caught in this disaster are the worst off.

6. “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” by Guns and Roses

      I must face the fact that for some it is too late. But…

7. “New Day” by Richie Kotzen

     today is a New Day “Where love is alive.” We can make a difference!!

8. “Never Walk Alone..A Call to Arms” by Megadeth

      We must let the people of Haiti know that we can rebuild together!!

9. “Stairway to Heaven” by LedZepplin

     We will help Haiti get to a peaceful existence.

10. “Turning Away” by Pink Floyd

        We must give attention to problems at home and abroad!!

Well that is my compilation CD proceeds from it would go to aid the earthquake victims. Hey if you want to add your own ideas they are welcome. I have not gone to the final mix 🙂


13 Responses to “Rock’n for Haiti!!”

  1. Great thought. Let me know how it is going.

  2. No. This is just wishful thinking, a fantasy project. It would take millions of dollars to get the rights to use these songs!!

  3. Well, it has good intentions at least. It must feel great to be Leonardo Di Caprio these days. I just read he donated $1 million!!!

  4. Why oops? : )

  5. Ha ha shit happens : D

  6. Hey again. Waiting for your new posts, u know:)

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  7. I will subscribe to it then. I get emails from Copyblogger so I know how confusing they can be, and I check in on gary vaynerchuck (I have the Crush It! book) everyonce in a while. I have some knowledge on the Problogging game, but alot of it doesn’t apply to me. I am not selling a product (yet) and I am not interested in doing public speaking, therefore some of it I ignore. I will have a new post up soon!!

    p.s. did you watch the grammy’s last nite, how about that PINK, she put on the best performance that i have every seen on that show!!

  8. Nope, I haven’t watched the grammys. I guess I don’t like the pop domination there. But Pink is one of my guilty pleasures as a rock fan. She makes some really good pop-rock songs when she wants.

    I am not selling any products either so I guess my guide will suit you better. I collected a lot of info and took out the ones that fit me. I just need my arms back. I hurt them, probably due to spending too much time typing, but hey-I am a writer. What else am I supposed to do, right?

  9. Ok, don’t hurt yourself. I will wait for the link!!

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