The Last Sting??

I just  heard some sad news on the radio today. My favorite German Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band is hanging up their  Gibson explorers. Yep the Scorpions (or scorps) are retiring after this last album and tour entitled “Sting of the Tail.” They have a press release on their page stating that they are just ready to move on. I will miss these guys for their high energy songs and their outragous stage show!! My most fav Scorp song was “Blackout” that rhythm just ripped into you!! My least favorite was “Gorky Park” that whistling on the intro was unnerving!! what was you most and least fav Scorp song. I plan to see them on this final tour in 2011 or 2012!!


3 Responses to “The Last Sting??”

  1. What???? They are breaking up??? That’s awfull!!! I saw them last year and they did rock me like a hurricane-and yeah, that’s my favorite scorp song ever. Shame on them!!!

    Sorry, got carried away but I just love them.

  2. Calm down now, don’t go and blow a gasket!! 🙂 It appears that this is it for the Scorps!! I have to go and see them on this tour!! It maybe ’cause their lead singer Klaus Meine, can’t hit those note that he used to hit. I just guessing. Oh yeah, have you come up with that blogging book yet??

  3. Hey, I am a rocker, I can’t calm down:))) I mean Steven Tyler and Mick Jagger are still alive and rockin’ aren’t they? 🙂

    Well, I am working on that book. I will include good resource links and stuff too. ;))) Meanwhile, you can check out my Aerosmith tribute if you like
    I put the videos of Sweet Emotion and Love in an Elevator too:)))

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