I am thinking about getting into a rock cover band just have some fun and jam with some fellow rockers!! Now I know that the internet has some sites that have postings up on them, but the people usually live too far away or they are just too weird to me. I get the feeling that there is something out there more suited to my taste!!  hey If you know to something let me know!! even if you know of some new  sites  that would be cool too!!


4 Responses to “Networking”

  1. hey, great idea. you will have tons of fun:)

    There is a site called meetup, do you know about it? you pick your location
    and interests and it notifies you of other people with the same interest, near to your area…

  2. hey I checked it out!! I am thinking about joining, but the only one that interested me was the blues group. That’s cool thought cause I like the blues ans blues-rock, ya know AC/DC and Led-Zep and others. So, I want to thank you for mentioning that website!! 🙂

  3. zoeyclark Says:

    :))) You know I owe it to my research on blogging and networking;)

    Just pick rock cover band as your interest too. as new groups are formed or are meeting up, they will notify you…you might also meet other writers and bloggers. I should get a move on and start going to some meetings myself. It is always fun to meet new people because your friends don’t always understand why you love rock so much or why the hell u would want to write for a living. Or maybe it is just my friends:D

    p.s. I love AC/DC and Zepplin too.

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