It’s Here!! It’s Here!!

Sorry everyone I’ve been away for a while, working and perfecting my guitar chops (still have aways to go),but I will get there  soon so stay tuned!! anyway I just wanted to notify you all that the new (& maybe the last) Scorpions disk , A Sting In The Tail, is out today!!  Radio here has played a few of the tracks such as, “Raised on Rock” which is cool and “Slave Me” a naughty little tune for the ladies (or men!!) anyway I plan to get my copy this weekend how ’bout you??


2 Responses to “It’s Here!! It’s Here!!”

  1. Ha ha welcome back. It sure has been a while and you so should give me an update about what you have been up to. Just saying you have been working on your guitar chops won’t do;) I should look for that Scorpions album after all, it is our last, right? Or maybe they decide to do it like Kiss and break-up, come back and break-up on and off. I really don’t care about the drama as long as they rock me;)

    I haven’t stayed away from my blog, as you might notice. I put a lot of posts in a lot of categories, although I plan to put in a lot more. I substantially increased my traffic and did some freelance writing in the meantime. Still, there is always so much to do…

  2. Well I’ve really been working my ol’ day job and then at night working on sharpening my music theory, getting a handle on blues and rock rhythms and picking. also i’ve been checking up on meet to see what’s happening over there. I have also checked on to see if what type of cover bands are in demand and who is looking to jam I am doing the same thing on Yea, this is supposed to be the “last” Scorpions CD!! I plan getting it at some point (while it’s on sale)
    Yea!! you have been working the blog (you go gurl!!) I will increase my output soon!! Hey, I want to thank you so much for popping by to check on me!! It means alot 🙂

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