Happy B-Day 2me!!

Sorry that I’ve been away, still celebrating I guess?? I had a great B-day!! I went to a club to check out some rock bands, out of the three that played that night I only liked two: a one man band with funny parody songs and a female fronted two guitar outfit with rocking tunes!! I also went back to that club on thursday for the Blues jam nite and saw two cool blues bands that had the house rock’n and bootys shaking!! It was a great time!!

  On a sad note I heard that Bret Micheals (of  poison) is in the hospital with a brain hemorrhage!! lets hope he gets better!!


4 Responses to “Happy B-Day 2me!!”

  1. Well, happy past birthday. how old are you then? well no need to answer if you don’t like it:)

    Brett is in the hospital? Crap! I love him. I love all Poison members, period. Hope he gets better soon.

  2. thanx, well I’m 34, yea I hope that bret makes it out ok !! I can’t say the same for my oldest sis, she lost he battle with cancer today. yea , at 12.00 pm she passed away.

  3. my condelences.

  4. thank you very much!! 🙂

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