I’m Back

I’m back, It’s good to be back (IronMan2) No, It’s good to be back though. I still have somethings to handle with my mom, but I am gonna write for now!! I can say that this ordeal has given me a lot of songwriting ideas!! That is the upside!!


5 Responses to “I’m Back”

  1. Welcome back! How’s the songwriting?

    Remember the social meeting site meet-up I told you about? I went to 2 meetings and so far it has been really fun and beneficial. There are groups I want to start myself but they cost money so I am waiting for someone else to start them…

  2. the the songwriting is moving along. I am glad that Meetup is working for you. I haven’t had the time to check out the events, but I will. Shame on you for waiting for someone else to start a group 😦

    FYI: did you know that Ronnie James Dio died sunday. yea, we lost one of the most powerful voices in hard rock & Heavy Metal.

  3. Ha ha. Do you know how many groups I want to start? I want rock/metal fans, movie fans, dancing fans, writers/bloggers and travelers. So starting that many groups cost a lot and I don’t have time to organize them. But trust me, when I can, I will:)

    James Dio died? Crap!!! I love Dio. It sucks that we are losing a lot of musicians…What was the cause?

  4. So much for recovering, then:( R.I.P to him.

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