Eric Clapton’s Crossroads guitar festival!!

Sorry I’ve been away soooo long!! I just got so wrapped up in life. I’m training to be a graphic designer, so a lot of my time has been taken up with that I will be going to school for it in the fall. Remember when I told you about a big concert that I was going to back in April(I know it was a long time ago) well this is it and TODAY is the day!! Yep, I’m going to the Crossroad’s festival, to see some of the world’s best blues and blues/rock guitarists cut loose!! I have been waiting for this since February when I won the tickets!! I am on 10 now I will be on 11 when I get there!! Appearing at this festival: John Mayer (cool cat), Buddy Guy, the Great B.B. king, Jeff Beck, (My fave) Joe Bonamassa!!, ZZTop, and Eric Clapton to name a few. I’m taking my girl, she doesn’t like blues, but she likes live music she’ll get it!!  Well, I just hope that this rain and thunder stays away long enough so that we can enjoy it!! I will tell you all about it tomorrow!!   see ya then and remember…..

                                                   The Blues is alright!!


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