My World post CrossRoads Guitar Fest!!

I’m just getting back to you the monday after the CrossRoads fest, sorry I got up late sunday morn, Because I rocked and rolled all saturday nite!! I fest was GGGGrrreat!! (thanks tony the tiger) I got to see players that I had never seen play live before!! I was hot that day prob. 95 in the shade and there wasn’t much shade!! Anyway, I missed the first act (my girl took to long to get ready, women:) I did see Joe Bonamassa Who was killer!! I really enjoyed the set with Buddy Guy, Ron Wood, and Jonny Lang!! I got to see Eric Clapton perform for the 1st time in my life and I gained a new respect for him, But, the set that moved me deeply was Jeff Beck!! He had this bad female bass player, that was amazing!! Jeff Beck was Jeff Beck larger than life!! Playing this incredible lyrical vocal like blues rock!! again I was so deeply moved by his music!! He held the whole crowd of 30 thousand in his hands!! I will never forget it!! plan to study more Jeff Beck and more Blues!!


4 Responses to “My World post CrossRoads Guitar Fest!!”

  1. hey
    sorry to comment so late. I was so busy with my blog. I made some great progress and I still have a lot of work to do.
    How is your writing going? The guitar-playing?

    I am so jealous about the festival:) I never saw Eric Clapton live, for some reason his music never really clicked with me. But I do appreciate his talent.
    So where was the fest?

    • Well the writing is moving kind of slow and the guitar-playing is steady as she goes!! I know how you feel about Clapton, radio doesnt do him justice, You gotta see him live to get him!! the fest was in Tinley park Illinois!!

  2. Will give it a shot at a Clapton concert then:)

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