The Last Sting??

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I just  heard some sad news on the radio today. My favorite German Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band is hanging up their  Gibson explorers. Yep the Scorpions (or scorps) are retiring after this last album and tour entitled “Sting of the Tail.” They have a press release on their page stating that they are just ready to move on. I will miss these guys for their high energy songs and their outragous stage show!! My most fav Scorp song was “Blackout” that rhythm just ripped into you!! My least favorite was “Gorky Park” that whistling on the intro was unnerving!! what was you most and least fav Scorp song. I plan to see them on this final tour in 2011 or 2012!!


Rock’n for Haiti!!

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Hello everyone, how are you? I am Cool. If you have been wondering how my studies of blues and rock are going, well their moving right along. What I am posting about today is the Haiti tragedy. By now everyone is familiar with the crisis and has seen the heartbreaking coverage of the aftermath of the earthquake. I am delighted to see the out pouring of help from all over the world to this island nation. I know that the music community will step up and contribute. I was just wondering what the Rock and Metal community was going to do? I came up with an idea. how about a relief CD with 10 songs that would inspire and encourage the fans to do their share to help. so I put on my executive producer’s hat on came up with 10 tracks that move me and maybe you to!!

1. “Rise Today” by Alterbridge

      I like this track because it is a ‘call to arms’!!

2. “Overcome” by Creed

     I chose this one because It moves you into action!!

3. “Sins of Omission” by Testament

     I think the U.S. ignored Haiti in the past!!

4. “I disappear” by Metallica

       In the past the U.S. has disappeared on issues regarding Haiti!!

5. “Watch the Children Prey” by MetalChurch

      The children caught in this disaster are the worst off.

6. “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” by Guns and Roses

      I must face the fact that for some it is too late. But…

7. “New Day” by Richie Kotzen

     today is a New Day “Where love is alive.” We can make a difference!!

8. “Never Walk Alone..A Call to Arms” by Megadeth

      We must let the people of Haiti know that we can rebuild together!!

9. “Stairway to Heaven” by LedZepplin

     We will help Haiti get to a peaceful existence.

10. “Turning Away” by Pink Floyd

        We must give attention to problems at home and abroad!!

Well that is my compilation CD proceeds from it would go to aid the earthquake victims. Hey if you want to add your own ideas they are welcome. I have not gone to the final mix 🙂

Goals for the new year!!

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Happy New Year!! I hope you are having a great 2010!! I have some goals for this year. I know that you do too. let me share mine:

                        1. study blues& blues rock guitar.

                        2. to jam with blues musicians.

                        3. to join a blues/blues rock cover band.

                        4. to get better at blogging (yea,I said it!!)

                        5. to get back into rock’n shape!! (I mean it!!)

 Well, there you have it, my goals for  2010!! I know that I can achieve them!! Tell me yours and we can encourge each other!!

My Christmas Guitar2: ..And a black Strat for All

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Ok I am back to finish the tale of my christmas guitar, when I left off I was telling you all how I hated that “thing” well, I grew to dig that thing after a while, It did have a nice brown panel-like finish and it kind of growled when I hit the strings hard, so it wasnt all that bad until, Metallica came along. I was minding my own business watching MTV one day when the Metallica “One” video came on…..And nothing was the same again!! I saw their lead guitarist Kirk Hammett, playing so gracefully and furiously on a strat, that I was converted right there!! I threw my guitar into a case and vowed to get myself a super-strat (he played a black one) Not long after that (on Christmas I bought myself a black Epiphone super-strat) My old guitar was banished to the basement and my super-strat was my new love!!I evently gave away my original guitar to a mover when I moved and I pawned my Epiphone when I got frustrated with the music business. I have since revived my love for music and the guitar and bought my white Strat,but I still miss my two Christmas guitars.

My Christmas Guitar!!

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Hello, I hope every one is having a great holiday season, I am. I was just reminiscing about the first guitar I ever received. I got It on christmas day 1983. It was a one pickup lespaul copy, a Fingerhut special. It came with this crappy little amp. I blew out the speaker the third time I used it. The guitar needed a fret job in the worst way and the glued in neck started to come apart from the body. Man I hated that thing!!

Yngwie Is This It??

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Hi how is every one I hope ya’ll are ok and enjoying the holiday season. I was over at Ultimate the other day and I saw something that might be a stocking stuffer for you guitar playing love one!! It is the new  disk by Yngwie Malmsteen: High impact. It some of his hits and a surprise…… A copy of MJ’s “Beat It” there was a link on the site  andbeing a fan of mike I thought that It was cool for the swedish Guitar god to give it a go. I listed to it and…….. I’ll let you decide how you like >


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 I was reading a post on the web the other day, were someone was debating weather playing by ear helped a student learn guitar versus reading tab.  They came down on the playing by ear side. I feel why choose!! Play by ear and double-check your work by tab!! Hey it works for me!! But, If  could only choose between the two I would say……………….Play by ear!!

                               How bout you??